About Us

LemonLaw.Site was created to assist consumers find competent legal counsel when they were wronged by an auto maker. When one buys a new vehicle, it should be reliable and not in the shop constantly.

Many consumers do not realize the protections that are afforded to them by the state lemon laws. Therefore, we figured the best way to help consumers with defective vehicles is by getting the word out.

When you submit a contact form on our website, your information goes directly to a qualified attorney who can work with you to find a resolution to your case and get rid of your lemon.

If you are just researching your options, that is fine too. We have researched and compiled information from the relevant government agencies so that you can get a general idea if you qualify for relief.

However, we are not attorneys. The information found on our website does not constitute legal advice. It is strongly advised to contact an attorney using our built-in contact forms to get proper legal advice. Speaking to an attorney is the only way to ensure your vehicle is actually a lemon.


If you are an attorney who is licensed to practice in the United States, and are interested in client referrals, please contact us at (646) 979-1604 or visit our attorney page.